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…………….sweet dreams  ♥  :)


the water is BEAUTIFUL


the water is BEAUTIFUL

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 Kasi the cheetah was just eight-weeks-old when he was introduced to Mtani, a 16-week-old female labrador. At the time Mtani towered over her younger friend and let the tiny cub clamber all over her. Now, two years later, the pair are the same height, and live together full time in the Cheetah habitat at Busch Gardens, Tampa, Florida. Visitors at the park can see Kasi and Mtani being trained by keepers and making use of the specially-designed habitat to run, and chase after each other. Kasi and Mtani also travel together to schools and community events to raise awareness of the importance of protecting wild cheetahs and to publicize Busch Gardens’ conservation work. Photos by Busch Gardens.

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